About Me



I have just started building this site, so I am just going to drag and drop my resumé here…   Later I will get a bit more personal…  BUT FIRST…




A researcher, instructor, multimedia producer and project manager who employs qualitative and quantitative approaches to plan, administer and evaluate the efficacy of policy driven programs addressing the vulnerability and marginalization of people. A complex, analytical and deliberate thinker who has a track record as a strong advocate for progressive social change, utilizing digital media, web design, photography and documentary filmmaking to raise awareness of social policy issues.

Key Skills, Competencies and Areas of Expertise

  • Policy evaluation
  • Grant writing
  • Research Design, Data Collection and Analysis
  • Project management
  • Report Writing
  • Group facilitation
  • Budget design
  • Public speaking and presentations
  • Multimedia content creation
  • Digital media stewardship
  • Field based research
  • Addictions, mental health and homelessness
  • Advocacy
  • Filmmaking


Doctorate, Special Individualized Programs, Concordia University (Montreal,QC)                                                                                                                                                                    


  • Awarded the CAGS/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award in the Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.


Master of Arts, Sociology, University of Toronto (Toronto, ON)                                                               1986


Bachelor of Arts (with Honours), Sociology & Cultural Anthropology, University of Toronto (Toronto, ON) 1985

Selected Publications


            (Forthcoming April 2017) Tranquility on the Razor’s Edge: changing narratives of                     2017 inevitability. Toronto: Rock’s Mills Press
Dignity in Exile – Stories of Struggle and Hope From a Modern American Shantytown.             2012 Mount Forest: Exile Publications


Book Chapters

             (Forthcoming / Submitted) “Spaces, Places and States of Mind: A Study of Two                     2017

Homeless Communities.” In Reading Sociology: Canadian Perspectives.

Toronto: Oxford University Press, 3rd edition, with Lorne Tepperman,

Patrizia Albanese and Emily Alexander (eds.).

          (Forthcoming 2017) “Culture.” In Principles of Sociology. Edited by Lorne Tepperman       and Patrizia Albanese. Toronto: Oxford University Press.